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Mary Gómez: from chemical engineering to programming

Mary Luz Gómez is a 36-year-old chemical engineer who worked for ten years on innovation as a product and project leader. One year ago, she quit her job at Kimberly Clark to pursue her new dream: becoming a Machine Learning developer. 

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Mary is a disciplined woman with clear goals and a persevering personality. When working for Kimberly Clark, she learned about technologies such as Machine Learning and Data Science. Mary remembered her programming class back in college, and she knew that was her future.

While looking for study options, she realized that traditional education was not right for her because she learned much better with practical projects. That's how she met Holberton School and liked the project-based learning methodology because “Holberton is very similar to how we work in companies,” she said.

Mary remembered the admission process was fun because it challenged her to learn new things. She knew nothing about programming and had never made a website, but she passed and started the program in September 2019.

"I didn't want to be left with the question of What if I'm a programmer? I was passionate about innovation and technology, so I decided to do it,” she remarked

The first day in school was difficult: She remembers crying when she realized the day was over, and she still hadn't been able to do the assigned project, but she knew the idea was not to give up. Her peers were always there to help, and she is grateful for it.

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