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Holberton Colombia straight to Miami


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(Jessica mercedes, Juan David Peña, Adriana Echeverri)

From Holberton Colombia, we seek our participants and team to be part of experiences and initiatives at a global level. Given the growing opportunities and growth of Miami’s digital economy, a destination that is recognized as a benchmark in technology worldwide, today we want to share that we will be part of "The tech event for everyone”.

Miami for Everyone is a hackathon open to everyone and looks forward to innovative solutions to local problems. The experience is “for everyone” and it will cater to people of all ages, levels, cultures, and skillsets. (Miami Venture)

The good news? Holberton Colombia will be represented by an incredible team composed by Jessica Mercedes (co-founder & entrepreneur), Juan David Peña (Full-Stack Developer), and Adriana Echeverri (Full-Stack Developer).

"I am confident that our world-class software developers from Holberton School Colombia that are going to compete in the 'Miami for Everyone' Hackathon this weekend will show the world the high level of software talent that Colombia has to offer to companies who have come from all over to Miami, which has become the new technology hub for the Americas" Hernando Barreto, Executive Director.

The event is going to take place tomorrow, June 17th, at Miami Dade College and will finish on Sunday under the following agenda:

  • Friday- Hackathon kick-off
  • Saturday- Full day of workshops (9 am-5pm)
  • Sunday- Last day of hackathon + Closing ceremony

Follow our socials closely under the #HolbiesInMiami

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